Movies Watched But Never Reviewed – Which Ones Should I Review?

I thought it might be fun to start another project I’ll never finish! Just like my IMDb Top 250 Challenge I’ve been working on since 2013 (to be fair, I’ve managed to watch 73 films for that). I also finally started a Best Picture Project this year but have yet to watch Nomadland even though it’s available so I’m off to a good start there! Now, I’m going to ramble on a lot so, if you just want to see the list of un-reviewed movies I’m wondering if I should review, it’s at the end of this post. 🙂

I’m someone who is obsessed with making lists. Especially ranked lists (I have to put things in order from favorite to least favorite). I often have to give them all a rating out of 10 as well, at least with movies. There was a Twitter image the other day of 64 bands & you were asked to pick your Top Five. I did do that but I had to then also rank them all as well. (My thread is HERE if you desperately want to see it). Here’s a sneak peek at my Top Ten starting with number 1:

Black Sabbath
The Beatles
Iron Maiden
Led Zeppelin
The Cure
Pink Floyd
Red Hot Chili Peppers

And now I’m annoyed to see that I did a Top Ten Songs list or a Music Video Friday post for every band above other than Pink Floyd. Do I need to do a Pink Floyd Top Ten now?! Someone help me with this obsession!!!

Anyway. I started this blog at the end of 2012 so I just did one page (HERE) with a roundup of the movies I’d seen in the cinema that year. I wrote a tiny bit about each film on that page so that’s good enough for 2012.

I now keep a page each year of every single movie I’ve watched that year (with a section for new releases that year, a section for movies I watched that were released prior to that year, and a section for movies I’d already seen in the past but rewatched again). These are all ranked & rated, of course!

It’s really bothering me that I’ve not reviewed some of the movies I’ve watched since starting this blog. Some of my pages have movies that don’t have the blue links to my reviews. SO annoying! Well, mildly annoying – I’m not that obsessive. But maybe I can write at least a sentence or two for each of those over time? Could be fun, as I know I barely remember some of them now! So some will be “Man, I don’t remember this at all now but am pretty sure it sucked“. So, my usual sort of in-depth analysis.

I was clearly committed to this blog at first as I reviewed everything in 2013. I then only missed a few in 2014 & 2015 (mostly ones where I was planning to review them as a part of projects that never happened). Then I went completely off the rails in 2016 & 2017 and didn’t review loads of movies (I know why, as life was sucking at that point and I wasn’t in the mood). Then life got even worse for the first half of 2018 so I think I threw myself back into the blog as an escape so, yay, everything got reviewed that year (not yay that life sucked, lol). I also moved to the “monthly roundup posts” with short reviews of everything and that has helped as it meant I reviewed everything in 2019 & 2020 as well. And I’m managing to do that for 2021 so far, too. Plus, of course, a dreadful pandemic forcing us to not leave home has meant more free time to write. Not saying that’s a good thing!! I’d obviously rather have a load of missing reviews. I did always make a point of reviewing new releases every year, though, so I’m happy that I always managed that.

But this blog is meant to be a fun hobby without any stressful commitments. So I’m not saying I’ll definitely complete this but it can’t hurt to write a very brief review of a movie I watched between 2014 & 2017 every once in a while, right? 🙂

Well, here’s what you’ve been waiting for: LISTS! I didn’t review 74 new-to-me movies & 11 rewatches. I probably won’t review the rewatches as I didn’t do that at all at first until my short monthly roundups and they’re also sometimes favorites of mine & I find it very hard to review movies I really love. Also, 18 movies were never reviewed as I was saving them for projects that I just don’t have the time or energy to do now. I’ll list those first:

Un-Reviewed Movies Meant For Projects (unlikely to ever be reviewed):

Akira Kurosawa Project (this won’t happen – his films are too amazing & my writing too shitty to do them justice):

Yojimbo (I’ve counted this as “reviewed” as I wrote a VERY tiny bit about it at the link but obviously wanted to do full reviews of all his work)

John Carpenter Project:

Escape From New York (great film!)
Prince Of Darkness
Dark Star
Escape From L.A.

Studio Ghibli Project (I DID do a month-long Studio Ghibli Project with all my reviews listed HERE. But these are ones I saw after that. There’s a slight possibility I’d do another Ghibli Month once I’ve watched enough again & I did review When Marnie Was There this year):

The Wind Rises
The Cat Returns
From Up On Poppy Hill
Whisper Of The Heart

Nicholas Sparks Project (Ha! Maybe I can manage to do this at some point as it was more of a joke project since these movies are ridiculous yet I seem to like watching them. Was going to give them categories such as “Good Sex Scene?” and “Is There A Kissing In The Rain Scene?”):

The Choice
The Best Of Me
The Longest Ride
Safe Haven
Dear John
The Lucky One
Nights In Rodanthe

The Rewatches (probably also won’t be reviewed – how can I do something like The Princess Bride, one of the all-time best movies, justice?!)

The Princess Bride
Night Of The Living Dead
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
School Of Rock
Singin’ In The Rain
Short Circuit
The Last Starfighter
Desperately Seeking Susan
Bicentennial Man
Hop (ew!)

Finally! Which Of These (If Any) Un-Reviewed Movies Should I Review? (I can see why I didn’t bother with most of these, though. Several good ones but many were bland or downright bad! Hint: Each year is ranked best to worst as always…):

Red Rock West

Midnight Madness

Kelly & Cal
North Shore
Song Of The Sea
The Good Dinosaur
Ted 2
Baby Boom
Eleanor’s Secret
Fall Into Darkness
Sisters (2015)
Soul Surfer

Hell Or High Water
The Beguiled (1971)
The Age Of Adaline
The Wave (2015)
Miss You Already
Doctor Strange
The Nice Guys
Daft Punk Unchained
Hunt For The Wilderpeople
The Night Of The Hunter
Music And Lyrics
Bugsy Malone
Monster Trucks
Lucky Number Slevin
The Danish Girl
Ender’s Game
A Bigger Splash
Ballerina (US Title: Leap)
Blue Thunder
The Odd Life Of Timothy Green
The Little Prince
The Lobster
Suicide Squad
Star Trek Beyond
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice
The Jane Austen Book Club
The 5th Wave

20 thoughts on “Movies Watched But Never Reviewed – Which Ones Should I Review?

  1. If it makes you feel better, check out my review backlog — currently 382 films long!

    Anyway, here are a few picks from your list that I’d be particularly interested in reading (mainly ones I’ve seen and had Opinions about) : Clue, The Good Dinosaur, Doctor Strange, The Nice Guys, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Night of the Hunter, TiMER.

    • Whoa! Yep, that’s a lot of reviews to catch up on. 😉 I posted this saying I’d catch up on reviews & now the hubby is saying I can’t spend so much time on movies & the blog. Ha!! So maybe I won’t catch up on these quite yet. But I’ll try to do those that people have chosen first! I quite liked all on your list. I remember finding TiMER interesting & figured no one else had seen it so I’d wanted to get around to reviewing that one. 😊

      • TiMER is a pretty obscure one, no doubt. Can’t remember how I happened to stumble across it. It’s a good little flick though; deserves a bigger audience.

  2. I have sooo many films I haven’t reviewed, there just simply isn’t time to write about them all, ahah.

    Y’know I actually went to a press junket of The Longest Ride and met the two leads, but I never watched the movie! I wrote about the interview on the blog. I’m just not a fan of Nicholas Sparks!

    Btw, out of your list, I’m curious to read your thoughts on Soul Surfer and Passengers 🙂

    • I know – sometimes I think “I need to slow down on movie-watching – I don’t have time to review them all!” 😁 That’s funny about The Longest Ride – I wouldn’t mind meeting Clint Eastwood’s son! He’s cute. Nicholas Sparks movies are awful, though. Don’t know why I watch them. Lol. I’ll add your choices to the list of movies I’ll TRY to review first! Thanks! 😊

  3. I was gonna say Beguiled, but I have to go with The Lobster because I hated it with the fire of 1000 suns. I wanna see if you hate it as well or if you can find somehow redeem it

    • Oh man, I was gonna catch up on all these reviews & now I’ve gone & taken a blog break. 😊 Still want to write something at least for the movies people have requested from my list, so I’ll add The Lobster to the list of the ones I’ll do first. Probably won’t say much as I barely remember it. Think that was me trying to put it out of my mind since OH MY GOD I HATED IT!!! So it’s the reaction you were hoping for. Lol 😁 (I did like The Beguiled, both the new & old and now I can’t remember which was on my unreviewed list so I’ll have to go look!)

    • Well, Sabbath was my favorite band from that specific list they had on Twitter. But, okay, yes… Sabbath are probably my all-time favorite anyway. 😁 A few top tens of mine weren’t on the list, like Daft Punk. And I successfully pretty much avoided The Spice Girls since I still lived in America at the time & I think they were much bigger in the U.K. 😉

  4. Duh, Red Rock West! Even if you didn’t like or love it, it used to be one of my favorites there for a while. Maybe I should give it another go and go some shitty writing about it….


    • Oh yeah, I think I remember you liking Red Rock West! You probably recommended it or something. 😁 Hmm. Honestly, I don’t remember much of it now! I just looked at my score and it was a bit on the low side. I must have been grumpy when rating it – I think I thought it was “okay”. Maybe I need to rewatch! Man I have a shitty memory lately… 👵🏻

      • Can I just say I hate when they do that bullshit on Twitter like “post a gif of a game from the year you were born!” and it’s all fucking ‘90s & early 2000s stuff?? Fuck off with that! I almost posted a Pong gif (slightly older than me, actually) but fuck that. Or “here’s a thread of my favorite movie released each year I’ve been alive!” and they start with something I went to see in my 20s. 🙄

        #DamnKids 👶🏼


    • Tom! Hi! I totally missed this comment. 😀 Hahaha! Nicholas Sparks movies are the WORST!! (Unless you actually like them? I assumed you were being ironic. Lol) 😉 I can’t help watching them all, though. WHY?!?! 😩

      • Yeah they’re the worst. He’s what I would consider the Adam Sandler of romance filmmakers. Just totally lazy, cookie-cutter sappy b.s. where the casts are totally interchangeable and pretty much everything else too. And then when you start to think about the money he has made doing this…..

  5. You, my friend, are a glazomaniac! (I just Googled whether there was a word for people who love making lists 🙂 )
    I fit within that camp too, although perhaps not quite as much as you. I think it’s the satisfaction of ticking something off!

    I’ve never been one to review everything I’ve watched. I’m getting into the habit of doing short reviews (one/two sentences) on Letterboxd but I only write longer ones on my blog if I particularly have or have not enjoyed the film.

    2017 was a decent year for film – thanks for the reminders! How about The Age of Adaline?

    • Ah, Glazomaniac! I like that!! Didn’t think it might have a name. Glad there are other list maniacs. 😁 The Age Of Adaline was definitely one of the ones I enjoyed the most so would like to write at least a little something about it. I’ve added it to my list of ones I’ll try to review first. Thanks! 😊

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