IMDB Top 250 Guest Blogger Update

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Wow! Thank you so much to all who replied when I said I’d like guest reviews to help me finish the IMDB Top 250 list (original post HERE). I was expecting maybe 10 guest reviews but 68 movies have already been chosen! πŸ™‚

So, yeah – I’ll now be posting them much more often than just once a month. You can email me your reviews anytime to tableninemutant at hotmail dot com. I’ll let you know when yours get scheduled. I was also shocked when I said that I’d limit it to five per person, that so many of you actually chose five! I wasn’t expecting that at all. So, to those who have chosen five, feel free to pick a few more if you seriously want to. πŸ™‚

The movies remaining are below (if you notice one you’ve chosen is still on this list, let me know. It was hard to keep up with all the replies! The Godfathers were grabbed after I’d scheduled this post. Yay!):

55 Life Is Beautiful 1997
117 The Seventh Seal 1957
231 All Quiet on the Western Front 1930

Btw – Here’s my review of the awesome The Lego Movie, which you should all totally rush out to see! I think it got missed after I posted the guest blogging thing… πŸ˜‰

87 thoughts on “IMDB Top 250 Guest Blogger Update

  1. Oh my soul. Big Fish is lingering with no taker?! I want it. Now. On my huge list. I want it. PS: Godfather I will give you as one big post if that’s cool?

  2. Okay right I’ll do Kill Bill cos The Bride is my f-ing hero and Pirates of the Caribbean (Arr!) Is there a deadline? Also when is John Hughes starting?

    • Excellent! I’ll take them off the list. John Hughes starting in March so reviews by the end of this month. (I’m starting to worry – I’ve heard nothing from a lot who signed up!). No deadline on the others – anytime you can get around to them. With so many chosen, I’ll probably post them quite often. πŸ™‚

      • I am hoping to do 16 Candles this weekend and Miracle on 34th Street during the next week. I’m away for most of March so I want to get through all my blogathon commitments ASAP!

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  9. Oooh, this is neat. Can I claim The Elephant Man? I’ve really been wanting to see that one for awhile, and I actually currently have it in my Netflix queue soon

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  16. Disco Girl, can you remind me what I chose again? I’ve done Heat and Argo and have Spirited Away still to add. Am I right in saying there’s another two I’m missing?

    • It’s not, unfortunately. I’m going to do an updated list soon as I think some got missed (like I’m not sure anyone picked Scarface but it’s not on the list) and I’m worried if any were picked more than once (but I suppose that wouldn’t be the end of the world). : ) I believe these are the final ones available:
      49 The Pianist 2002
      55 Life Is Beautiful 1997
      57 Double Indemnity 1944
      61 A Clockwork Orange 1971
      64 Intouchables 2011
      117 The Seventh Seal 1957
      134 The Deer Hunter 1978
      143 The Sixth Sense 1999
      158 Gone with the Wind 1939
      164 V For Vendetta 2005
      169 Ben-Hur 1959
      231 All Quiet on the Western Front 1930

    • Excellent! I loooove Intouchables. I was going to do that one myself if no one was ever going to choose it. : ) I’ll remove those from the list. Thanks for joining in!

      • Great! I look forward to reading them. : ) I schedule them in the order I receive them – I post them Tuesdays & Thursdays & currently have reviews scheduled through early July. I’ll let you know when I receive them what date they’ll be posted. : )

  17. We actually have a mini plan for our own blog to see and review the big 250 list so we’d love to join in, it would be a 2 birds 1 stone situation for us! Is The Sixth Sense still available? – Allie

    • That would be great, Cindy! I’d love a review from you! : ) Sorry for the late reply – having trouble commenting on WordPress. Someone actually asked for that one about 20 minutes after you on Twitter so you got it just in time! : )

      • That would be great! : ) You can e-mail it to tableninemutant at hotmail dot com. I’ll strike a deal with you – you’ve mentioned to people that it’s coming soon so I’ll post it soon as I’d love to have you involved. I have this coming Tuesday & Thursday scheduled already so is the Tuesday after soon enough?? I won’t tell anyone I’ve moved you up the schedule if you don’t. ; ) lol (There’s been a huge response! I’m happy to say I have reviews scheduled through the end of July currently) : )

  18. Hey there! I know this is WAYY late, and I’m not sure if you’ll even see this comment but could you mark me down for Gone with the Wind? I would really really like to review that and take part in this, and also — i have NEVER SEEN IT!!! I have to put a stop to this silliness. So if you could, sign me up! πŸ˜€

    • Yay!!! That would be awesome! Would love to have you join in! And… Gone With The Wind?! You’re brave! Lol! It’s four hours long – Are you sure?? ; ) I really need to go through all these replies someday & post an update because I think I deleted some off the list by accident & there are a few volunteers I’ve not heard from again so I think I’ll be able to add more to the list of ones available again. : ) I have to put Mystic River back on & I can’t find if anyone actually picked Scarface. I should have kept a list as people signed up! : )

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